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As Mayor, Wanda will continue to advocate for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Harrisburg. She will focus on affordable housing and improvements to our sewer system to help clean the river. She will also ensure that economic development and job creation benefit our entire city.


Build an Equitable and Livable City

Harrisburg can’t grow if we aren’t a desirable destination for people and businesses. 21st-century jobs require 21st-century infrastructure. We must commit to a livable city in which citizens can get around quickly, safely, and affordably whether by car, bike, foot, or public transportation. We must invest in our neighborhoods to ensure that everyone has equitable access to housing, food, education, safety, and meaningful work.

Together we can make Harrisburg the best place in the country to Live, Work, and Play.

Economic Development and Job Creation to Benefit the Entire City

The impact of the pandemic has shown us that when people suffer, business suffers. And when a business suffers, the entire community suffers. Working families, small businesses, and our minority and low-income communities have been hit the hardest. 

We can help all of our small businesses recover and thrive by creating a supportive ecosystem. Through municipal spending and public-private partnerships, we will create equitable access to capital and empower businesses to grow. We can get our businesses and neighborhoods working again with the right investments and support.

Image by Andre Frueh
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